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Fragrance from nature

Fragrances and aromas in many kinds and varieties. Enjoy a wide range of candles, essential oils, organic perfumes and smoking materials from classic products such as incense or sage to rarer varieties, with appropriate accessories.


The sense of smoking - The smoking ritual is since ancient times a fascinating experience. Noble substances are converted into smoke when burned, which carry the essence to a subtle level. The purpose of smoking was and is to connect our earthly thinking with the perception of subtle, invisible scouts through the smoke.

Through the gently curling column of smoke we come to rest and draw new strength for the soul.

Source: Berk Esoterik e.K.

About smoking - In principle, one distinguishes between two types of smoking: 1. smoking on glowing coal - 2. smoking on a sieve

On coal: Traditionally, they were smoked on glowing coal: You need a fireproof container and possibly some sand. Nowadays the most popular type of coal is auto-igniting coal. It is easy to use because it ignites itself when lit. But you should make sure that the coal gets enough air during the ignition process. It is better to put the round tablet upright (especially when smoking on sand) so that it gets enough air for ignition. As soon as there are grey spots on the edges of the charcoal, you can tip it over again. The smoking fun can then begin. Carefully dose at first, as the smoke volume can become enormous.

Another possibility is the natural pure smoking coal. These are pressed herbs which produce a pleasant scent. The herbal charcoal glows slowly through and smoulders piece by piece the wood lying on it. So if the effect of the black autoigniter charcoal is too strong for you, try the softer herbal charcoal. It is best to smoke the herbal charcoal on a net container, because it gets more air than on sand to properly glow.

On a sieve: The other type of smoking is smoking over a tea light candle with a sieve. The herbs are placed directly on the sieve: They slowly burn away due to the rising heat of the candle flame. This method is based on aromatherapy.

Incense stick production

Acquiring good incense sticks is no easy task in this day and age. The market is flooded with many offers and the consumer gets little to no information about what kind of incense he actually buys. Therefore we want to give some general information on incense stick production and bring some light into the darkness.

MASALA - Incense sticks

(Masala = mixture) The basic substance is produced from woods, resins, oils and herbs. The woods - sandalwood in particular - are crushed into fine shavings. The herbs are crushed to powder in a mortar. The paste, which is produced with the help of the oils and resins, is rolled into a stick form either around a wooden core (as is usual in India) or without wooden sticks inside (as in Tibet, China and Japan). Only pure materials are used, as these later determine the quality of the sticks. The smell of such incense sticks depends on all components and is always constructive and energizing like the night itself. HOLY SMOKERS incense sticks are exclusively MASALA incense sticks of this kind

Source: Berk Esoterik e.K.

The first demeter perfume "MYTAO seven".

Self-confident, relaxed and lively at the same time, this is how the world novelty presents itself on the bioperfume sky: MYTAO seven in demeter quality from TAOASIS. Bioparfum is one of the superlatives, because it bears the most demanding demeter quality seal, it is NATURE and BDIH cosmos organic certified and also has the vegan logo. Demeter MYTAO seven is a fragrance in which tart fresh lemongrass gently nestles against citrus notes of bergamot, bitter orange and green mandarin. A composition like a promising sunny morning.

Primavera - capturing the scent of nature

Essential oils are fragrant treasures from nature. Their individual scent carries effective plant energy and healing power. They are the heart of Primavera aromatherapy products, a declaration of love for your body. New at ArsMineralis: essential oils and organic cosmetics from Primavera and Baldini. Essential oils are fragrant delicacies from nature. Their individual scent carries effective plant energy and healing power. The range of application of these herbal energy packages is incredibly diverse and always has the goal of positively supporting your health and well-being. The term "Aromatherapy" has meanwhile established itself for applications from fragrance lamps to naturopathy. You can vent rooms with essential oils, enrich your individual skin care, brighten your moods, contribute to activation or relaxation and promote your health prophylactically and accompanying.

Aromatherapy and organic cosmetics from Primavera and Baldini are like nature in spring - perceptibly full of vitality.

Sheep Milk Soap

Due to the high-quality vegetable oils (palm oil, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter) and the sheep's milk, the Ovis sheep's milk soap has the special property of re-fattening. The skin remains protected even after frequent washing and does not dry out. This makes the sheep's milk soap particularly skin-friendly and pleasant.