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Soapstone animals from Peru

Soapstone clarifies the senses and harmonises the flow of thoughts between body and soul. It strengthens the personality development of young people and makes them ambitious at school and work. For children it is an excellent therapy stone for working, which inspires them artistically and creatively. By working on this stone, the children learn how to handle materials gently and sensitively and, in a figurative sense, how best to interact with fellow human beings, animals and nature. Soapstone is very good for relieving redness and itching of the skin by coating the affected areas. It should strengthen the skin muscles and skin tissue and thus protect them. Well suited to prevent sunburn.

Onyx marble

Unlike conventional marble, which is mostly formed from oceanic limestone, this material was formed in calcareous hot freshwater springs, also called travertine, a rock formed over a very long period of time by sedimentation, approximately 135-65 million years ago in the area of present-day Baluchistan (Pakistan). The material clearly shows a change in colour from green to brown and white. All joints and lines in the onyx marble are not mistakes, but expressions of the special origin of this unique material. An onyx marble stone helps with complaints of liver and gall, intervertebral discs, joints and meniscus, it's also very good for the skin. Additionally it makes more relaxed, freer and more sensitive, improves flexibility, brings rest and activity in balanced alternation.

In all cultures it gets special attention. Its stimulating power has been used by shamans and healers. ArsMineralis shows as a special exhibition, a selection of rare exhibits from Madagascar, Brazil, Tunisia and North America. A special lighting system emphasizes the subtleties of the minerals.

Amethyst tea lights - a beautiful eye-catcher

Amethyst belongs to the quartz family. The basic building block of the violet stone is silicon. Its unique colour is caused by traces of titanium, manganese and iron. The Greeks believed that the stone protected against magic, evil thoughts and drunkenness. The most important deposits are in Australia, Southern Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Namibia and Zambia. Amethyst druses or amethyst tea lights are also suitable for positively influencing rooms.

Psychic effect - This stone strengthens concentration and is ideal for meditation. It strengthens the will, gives joy, comfort and encourages. It promotes intuition. It is good to come to rest and provides restful sleep. Amethyst is one of the healing stones most frequently needed in our time, as many diseases and complaints are caused by restlessness, nervousness, stress, hecticness and imbalance. Amethyst makes us calmer, more relaxed and frees us from mental stress and anxiety. It also promotes confidence in oneself and helps us to switch off from everyday life more easily. Amethyst is also a very helpful stone for meditation, as it activates the spiritual in our body (head).

Physical effect - Against anaemia, skin diseases, headaches, migraines, nervous pain. It stimulates the metabolism, helps with dyslexia, hysteria, anxiety, neuroses, epilepsy, insect bites, tick and snake bites. Against stress, nervousness, anxiety, rage, anger, restlessness, varicose veins, addiction, sleep disorders, mental stress. In cases of severe acne, neurodermatitis and skin allergy caused by energy blockages an amethyst (amethyst crystal) can be applied to the affected area or gently massaged with itl. Openly positioned or worn, the Amethyst also offers a certain protection against negative influences. Source:

The light of the stones - ArsMineralis

Precious stones have been stimulating people's imagination for thousands of years. Their beauty and perfection found special attention in all cultures. Their stimulating power was used by shamans and healers.