Jewellery - the perfection of beauty

For thousands of years people have adorned themselves with precious stones, rare woods, pearls or precious metals. Jewellery embodies elegance, underlines the beauty of the people who wear it - and hides something mystical - perhaps a deep longing...

A special attention lies on our wonderful silver jewellery and gemstone jewellery. Beautiful creations from amber, in the classical "Cognac" clay or the rare green amber from the Dominican Republic, the strong violet Amethyst from Brazil, or the deep blue Lapis from the Far East sparkle in numerous variations in our showcases. Exquisite items in many colours and shapes. Almost all minerals can be found here, cut and shaped. Equipped with high-quality silver, they are always small sparkling works of art that amaze us. Newest trends of worldwide artisans create ever more new pieces of jewellery, at fair prices for every purse.

We have a large selection of mineral and silver jewellery. You will find simple jewellery such as splinter chains, simple stone pendants, but also high-quality designer jewellery. We manufacture exclusive mineral chains ourselves. Convince yourself!

 "Nothing is more beautiful than to see a loved one who enjoys a gift."


The beauty of amber is brought to light from the raw piece of natural amber through a lot of experience and craftsmanship. The glow, its warmth and its uniqueness are combined with silver, gold and other materials to create an incomparable piece of jewellery. With us, you receive different pieces of the company Günter Herrling Natur-Bernstein-Collection.


Amethyst is the extravagance in violet. Its color is as unique as it is seductive, but this gemstone is supposed to protect against seduction. For many thousands of years, the most striking representative of the quartz family has been a coveted jewel of ecclesiastical and secular princes. The biblical Moses described it as a symbol of God's Spirit in the ornate of the Jewish high priest, and the Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners to the Urals because of it. One of the twelve gems that adorned the dress of the Jewish high priest was an amethyst, it also belongs to the twelve gems of the Apocalypse.


The origin of the name comes from the Greek word αμεθυστος (amethystos) - "counteracting the rush" - expressing the old belief that a wearer of amethyst is immune to the intoxicating effect of wine. Likewise, wine from a cup of amethyst should not get you drunk. Originally, this (superstitious)belief came from the custom of diluting (red)wine with water, which then took on a reddish-violet (amethyst-coloured) colour. At the same time one could drink much more of it without getting drunk or even suffering from a hangover. Another variant of the name is that Bacchus, the god of wine, frightened a young girl so much that she froze to crystal. Seeing this the god sighed, and when his breath touched the stone, he coloured it purple like the colour of wine.

Silver jewellery with a difference

Silver fascinates, a precious metal with a special shine. In different variations and collections, with or without precious stones. We will be happy to show you special features such as "The Tree of Life" or "The Flower of Life".

"The flower of life" - Give something to your loved one, or do something good for yourself! The sacred geometry of the universe... The basis and existence of everything that is! The flower of life with its 19 circles is a strong vibration symbol, which creates an absolutely harmonious, vibrating field. This symbol has been spread all over the world since time immemorial and creates perfect order in itself. The flower of life helps us to remember who we really are, is able to dissolve our blockades and release life energy accordingly. Source: Berk Esotericis