Singing bowls from Nepal

Singing bowls from Nepal

Shapely bowls in different sizes and made of different materials such as bronze and brass. Beaten or rubbed they produce wonderful tones which are used for meditation, sound therapy and sound massage.

Singing bowls, correctly sounded, create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and spirituality. Through their overtones and undertones they can remove blockages and calm the psyche. An instrument that should not be missing in any spiritual house. Place the singing bowl on your left, flat hand. Take the corresponding stick and sound it at the outer edge. To achieve the full intensity of the overtones and undertones, rub the bowl with the stick in a circle. Source: Berk Esotericism e.K.


Buddha figures are appreciated for the clarity and serenity they radiate. The misfortune and misery of the real world is to be overcome by this friendly counter-image and the prospect of a purely earthly bliss is to make way.

Buddha and the Child Jesus meet in the Krippana

The lives of these two great personalities of world history have often been described and comparisons been made between their work. Even today, thousands of years after their lives, both still have an attraction that fascinates millions of people around the globe every day. Their lives and their teachings were very different. And yet it is united by their vision of entering infinity - "enlightenment" - through a peaceful and non-violent coexistence based on renunciation as well as respect and esteem for all living beings.

Gautama Buddha says: "I was born and came into this world as King of Truth for the redemption of the world". (Tcher Rol Pa, Histoire du Buddha Sakya Mouni, 1868)

And Jesus Christ says, "I was born and came into the world to bear witness to the truth." (John 18:37)

Both have a special charisma, about which mystics and scholars have been puzzling and writing for centuries. And the best craftsmen of the world have for centuries been paying tribute to them in almost completed works of art.

The ArsKrippana showed a special exhibition of contemporary Nepalese handicrafts to their highest perfection.

About the exhibition: For centuries Nepal has been home to a special - still living - craft. Due to a lack of mineral resources and fertile soils, the native Newari in the Kathmandu Valley have developed into true masters in the production of religious bronze sculptures, the work of which has been highly valued for centuries in Tibet, India, Bhutan and at the court of the Chinese Emperor. These bronze sculptures are tools to visualize Buddhas, Bodhisattas and Buddhist protective deities.

The artistic perfection should reflect the divine charisma.

Even today, Buddhist statues of the highest quality are still produced in Nepal. Worldwide there is a strong demand for these works from practicing Buddhists, art lovers and collectors. Today, many travel to this small country in the Himalayas to experience and admire this handicraft, which is still alive in everyday life, in Buddhist and Hindu temples or simply on the roadside, in courtyards and prayer rooms. The best artists still enjoy a very high reputation in the country itself.  

Together with the Rosenberger family from Plochingen near Stuttgart, which is known throughout Europe for their company "Faszination Nepal", ArsKRIPPANA has put together this special exhibition. It shows the creativity of some of the best Nepalese artisans. The exhibited objects are explained in three languages and a special lighting system makes the subtleties of the masterpieces visible to the viewer.