Hildegard von Bingen

Hildegard von Bingen plays a very important role in natural remedies. In our extensive specialist department for natural remedies, you will find an assortment of all common products of the well-known abbess. Here are some of the brands we sell: Sonnentor - Posch - St. Hildegard - Jura - Lebensmittel + Gewürze der Hildegard von Bingen - Stadtmühle Geisingen

Hildegard von Bingen - Interview of the welfare practical woman Agnes Klasen from Prüm about the Hildegard medicine.

Saint Hildegard von Bingen, who lived in Germany from 16 September 1098 to 17 September 1179, became famous for her records of special healing methods. She "experienced" these healing methods through visions in which she recognized the healing power of plants, stones or even normal food. She wrote down these visions and laid the foundation for a new folk medicine. Through Hildegard's medicine one can learn to lead a healthier life and become happier. Hildegard's approach to health is to be seen holistically:

If you want to be healthy, you must live in harmony with God and nature.

Biography Hildegard von Bingen

Saint Hildegard von Bingen was born on 16 September 1098 and died on 17 September 1179. She was the tenth child of a family in Bermersheim in Rheinhessen. As a child she often suffered from illnesses, apparitions and visions. She was therefore brought to the Benedictine monastery Disibodenberg. There, she met Jutta von Spanheim, the founder of the hermitage in which she lived. Since life in this hermitage was very lonely and she only had Jutta with her teacher and the other girls as company, she learned to read the Latin Psalter. In the year 1114 Hildegard made the vow to the nun. At that time she was 16 years old. Hildegard lived in the community, became its leader at the age of 38, successor of Jutta von Spannheim, when the latter died. In 1147 Hildegard founded her own monastery on the Rupertsberg near Bingen, where she died in 1179 at the age of 81. In addition to this monastery near Bingen, she founded another monastery in Eibingen, which still exists today. Hildegard did not travel far in the world, but still had many contacts to important people of her time. She was for example in constant contact with Barbarossa and the Pope.

Shortly after her death, in 1228, the canonization was stimulated. However, since there were internal quarrels in the church, it was not carried out. It was not until the 16th century that Hildegard was included in the list of saints. Still today her relics are kept in Eibingen in the church Saint Hildegard and St. John the Baptist. The monastery in Rupertsberg, where she spent her life, was destroyed in 1660.

Medicinal herbs - medicinal plants

Medicinal herbs were very important for Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard used medicinal herbs known at that time, mostly Mediterranean, and also exotic spices, for example from Asia. Besides these medicinal herbs she also used native plants, which was not common at that time. In her records one can find far more than one hundred descriptions of plants with corresponding recipes for certain diseases.

Healing stones

Hildegard von Bingen also used healing stones for her healing methods. Gemstones were for her God-given remedies that contained a heavenly energy. These healing stones then transfer their energy to the human being. Hildegard recommended to wear the right stones as jewellery, but also carrying them in your pocket or holding them in your hand could be beneficial. In addition, it is possible to moisten the pained part of the body with a little saliva and rub it with the stone. And finally there is the possibility to put healing stones in water for a few days and drink the liquid afterwards. We recommend the healing stone book: Die Heilsteine der Hildeagrd von Bingen, Michael Gienger.

Natural remedy according to Hildegard von Bingen - sleep disorders and healthy intestines

Healthy sleep - A large part of the population suffers from sleep disorders, it has become a widespread disease. The causes are manifold and so are the health problems for those affected, who suffer from unhealthy sleep. Good sleep is the absolute prerequisite for the regeneration of nerve cells. On the other hand, a chronic sleep deficit not only gradually leads to exhaustion and burnout, but also disturbs all control loops in the body, especially the digestive and hormonal systems, as well as the acid-base balance with far-reaching consequences for your health. As the disease progresses, it often shows in a variety of complaints such as cardiovascular problems, pain, abdominal cramps with irregular stool and more. On this evening, physical and psychological connections of sleep disorders will be explained and (life) important measures for the promotion of healthy sleep behaviour will be shown.

Non-medical practicioner Agnes Klasen from Prüm: death or a healthy life lurk in the intestine

The function of the intestinal flora is a turning point and pivot for health and illness. The outstanding meaning of an intact one as basis around chronic complaints of each kind to overcome, is descriptive explained and appropriate remedies after H.V.B. presented. Both are important topics for our health. Link to the web page of the welfare practical woman Agnes Klasen: www.agnes-klasen.de

Water lens potion of Hildegard von Bingen

Fit for autumn with the water lens potion - the cold season is approaching with big steps. It's time to adjust our immune system to the coming icy months. Fortunately, we can fall back on the wise advice of Hildegard von Bingen: The necessary winter precaution for the cleaning of the body, belongs primarily to a well functioning juice balance. This is particularly important in so far as the body juices have an outstanding task: They bear the responsibility for the well-being and woe of body and soul, no disease can creep in if the body's own fluids are properly composed. Hildegard confirms the teaching of the Greek physician Hippocrates, who emphasized 400 years B.C. how much the body juices can fluctuate with the change of the seasons: A lack, an excess or a spoilage of one or more juices can have considerable health consequences.

The circumspect abbess, who by the way calls this inner imbalance "Vicht", takes her valuable water lens potion to our hearts. Above all, the various environmental toxins, which we humans cannot escape today, are carefully removed from the body. If you take the cure regularly, all metabolic waste products will be flushed out, the necessary harmonization, an inner balance of the body juices will be achieved, vital forces and organism will be sustainably strengthened. "Drink often from the potion, soberly, as much as you can drink with one breath and again when you go to bed in the evening. This prevents the bad juices from appearing in an empty state or "forming" after eating.

It is recommended to take a one-month cure every year. Soon you will feel better, exhaustion and rheumatic complaints will decrease as well. The potion increases vitality and strengthens the harmony of the body juices. If we can have it so easy to do something really good for our body, why don't we do it? So, while the cold season begins outside, we drink a delicious liqueur glass of potion every morning and evening on Hildegard's blessed advice. Support your body, harmonize your metabolism and get fit and full of energy through the cold season.

How blessed the wonderful creation works. We just need to know about it! Source: Hildegard of Bingen/Posch

No flu through autumn and winter thanks to Hildegard von Bingen

Protect yourself from colds and their consequences with the infection defence from nature, with the Pelargonium spice mixture. These medicinal plants strengthen the body's own defence system against viruses and bacteria and dissolve the mucus in colds. Hildegard recommends this remedy for flu and heart pain.

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Fasting to Hildegard von Bingen's advice

"Only a healthy soul can do its work in a healthy body!"

Fasting with plan - "Just go for it" is the wrong attitude to start fasting. The time of the retreat should be carefully planned and discussed with your doctor of confidence. Whether you fast alone at home or  in a group that can motivate, everyone decides for themselves. Fasting, as Hildegard von Bingen recommended, takes place in four steps. Beside the classical Hildegard fast there are also two somewhat defused variants available:

Relaxation - Three to four days before you begin the actual fast, you prepare your body for the fast. It is "relieved" by eating food that is easily digestible.
Recommended: plenty of fruit and (steamed) vegetables, spelt, fennel tea and other teas, clear soups.
Avoid: dairy products (cheese, milk, yoghurt etc.), alcohol, coffee, meat and fish

Draining the intestine - At the beginning of fasting and during the first days of fasting it is important to empty the intestines. During Hildegard fasting, this is done with ginger biscuits (available in pharmacies). Also lukewarm water with Glauber's salt or enemas can be helpful.

Hildegard-Fasting - After the preparation comes the actual fasting. For three to seven days you do not eat solid food. During the whole time it is important to drink a lot (fennel tea, herbal teas, spelt coffee). Food is consumed with soups (spelt soup, clear vegetable soup, fasting soup).

Recommendation - In the morning: spelt coffee (without milk) or fennel tea, possibly sweetened with honey.
Lunchtime: spelt vegetable soup (e.g. Hildegard energy soup) and tea (e.g. Hildegard fasting tea)
Evening: clear vegetable soup (e.g. Hildegard clear vegetable soup) and tea (e.g. Hildegard relaxing tea)

Spelt-fruit-vegetables-fast - During this somewhat "defused" Hildegard fast, spelt is eaten three times a day (habermus, spelt coffee, spelt soup, spelt flakes, spelt noodles, spelt crackers).
It is also important to eat plenty of fresh, seasonal fruit and (steamed) vegetables and drink lots of fennel and herbal teas. This type of fasting can be done for up to four weeks.

Spelt reduction food-bread-fasting - This fast can also be carried out over a longer period of time (max. four weeks). Day 1 and day 2 always alternate.

  • Day 1: Spelt-fruit-vegetable fasting
  • Day 2: On the second day you only eat spelt bread and fennel tea (as much as you like).

Fasting Helper - Heat - During fasting it is easier to freeze, so it is important to keep the body warm (warm up, warm bottle). Inner voice - "We have to listen to the voice of our soul if we want to be healthy", Hildegard writes. Listen even more to yourself during this sensitive time. If you are tired, sleep; if you are full of energy, go for a walk, etc.

Fasting Helper - Meditation - Hildegard von Bingen recommended to meditate regularly during fasting to calm the mind. It is best to sit upright on a pillow on the floor, the clothes should be comfortable. For the following 10-15 minutes (can be increased later), concentrate only on inhaling and exhaling, feeling the belly rise and fall. Then lie relaxed on your back for 5 minutes.

Build-up days - During the build-up days the body should slowly get used to a normal diet again. Recommended: Soups (e.g. Hildegard energy soup or Hildegard clear vegetable soup), (steamed) fruit (e.g. baked apples, compote) and vegetables, cooked spelt flakes with fruit and spices (cinnamon, Bertram), spelt spreads. After three to four days you can switch back to normal food. Source: www.sonnentor.com

Hildegards Energieküche - Recognize what is good for you

For many people, cooking according to Hildegard von Bingen sounds like strict asceticism and hostility to pleasure. The new cookbook by bestselling author Ulli Goschler, which was created in cooperation with the Austrian company "Sonnentor", clears up this dusty image. It shows how traditional healing knowledge is interpreted in a modern way and leads to more energy and health in an enjoyable way. In addition to 35 unique recipe creations based on the Hildegard teachings, this book conveys valuable information about valuable foods such as spelt, chestnuts, chickpeas, quince or fennel and also introduces unusual herbs and spices such as galangal, quendel, Bertram, mother cumin or hyssop. The fact that the health of the body, spirit and soul forms a unit, mediates a special chapter to the topic fasting according to Hildegard.
Now available at ArsMineralis. We offer a broad selection of books over the cooking and welfare art of Hildegard von Bingen.
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The Maitrunk - The spring cure for young and old

Treat yourself to a sip of the joys of nature - and discover what Hildegard`s Maitrunk has to offer! Healthy and mentally fit into old age - Hildegard von Bingen knew that a healthy way of life is a must. But she also knew all kinds of helpers from nature. Hildegard recommends to drink a liqueur glass every third day, on an empty stomach. This should be done as a cure from May to October. In the Maitrunk the special characteristics of wine, spring vermouth juice and honey come together. Something very special about the Maitrunk cure is also the unique wormwood juice.

Intensive green vermouth juice - The herb fields are still traditionally cultivated and the fresh organic vermouth plants are harvested by hand at the right time as a first cut. The freshly cut vermouth plants are processed directly on site. Due to the rapid processing and gentle cold pressing, the ingredients, that Hildegard believes are so important, are retained. This is the only way to obtain the green, intensive vermouth juice described by Hildegard - the green energy is inside! Vermouth has been used as a tonic for centuries. Scientific research has identified a large number of bitter substances and essential oils in vermouth. Hildegard von Bingen praises the natural influence of vermouth on digestion, purification and the functions of the body. Good reasons to do something good with the tasty Maitrunk.

Nettle Skin Oil, Memory Oil

Nettle juice, olive oil - "If a person forgets, without wanting it, he rubs his chest and his two temples with it when he goes to sleep. He should do that often, and forgetfulness will be reduced."

Fennel Potion

Ideal for hyperacidity: An aqueous herbal extract of liquorice root and fennel fruit, honey, cane sugar. "After the Greek clover pills, drink it before and after eating for heart pain."