Himalaya salt

Himalaya salt dreams - Wellness and more

Join us on a world journey of the senses and get to know our salts from the most different countries, in all colours, shapes and taste nuances. You will be surprised by the variety that awaits you. Try it yourself and let yourself be enchanted...

Himalaya salt, a treasure from Asia - the famous and soothing lamps - numerous decorative objects - natural salt to prepare the meal.

In addition to the high-quality salt crystal lamps and salt crystal tea light holders from HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS by Wagner Life Design, we also offer you salt crystal products for the wellness sector. E.g. high-quality, carefully selected Himalayan bath salt, heat cushions, salt soaps ... A bath with HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS salt has a relaxing and calming effect on the body and overall condition. New in our assortment are, next to the bath salt "BASIC" without fragrance additive, the bath salt mixtures "Harmonie" and "Vital". A natural, organically grown fragrance is always added to the 100% natural bath salt 1-3 mm. Try these fragrance compositions and relax with a wonderful bath!

Salt lamps from Himalayan salt

The salt is said to have a neutralizing effect, it is said to be effective against all kinds of diseases from high blood pressure to joint problems. Salt crystal lamps are ideal for harmonising indoor climate, where there is a lot of smoking or where numerous electronic devices are available. In such rooms, salt lamps can contribute a lot to a positive climate.


Air consists of many particles which are positively (plus ions) or negatively (minus ions) charged in a certain ratio. According to scientific research, the minusions are important for our health and well-being. This is why we feel particularly at home in places such as the sea, mountains and waterfalls, where there is an increased concentration of minus ions. In closed rooms, on the other hand, the air is too strongly plus-ionized by factors such as computers, televisions, mobile phones, cigarette smoke, air conditioners, power cables, transformers, etc. In order to restore a balanced ion ratio, the room air should be enriched with negatively charged ions. Our salt crystal lamps are particularly suitable for this because they release minus ions into the environment thanks to their chemical composition. This effect is further enhanced by heating with a candle or light bulb.